Working out a muscle group that is still sore?

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Jan 23, 2014 5:38pm
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Is it really bad? I know its best (according to most) to work out a muscle group hard about 2-3 times a week to build. Say i worked really hard and was still sore 3 days later - should i hold off on the next workout until i dont feel sore at all? Or just do it? (I have a crazy schedule and getting into a strict "routine" ie. legs monday arms tues etc etc is not an option for me and is not desirable to me) Also say i did an intense workout for one muscle group, and then the next day or later on that day i just felt compelled to do a quick - but intense - maybe like 5 minute workout on here with that same group. Would that really do more harm than good? I shouldnt do that? Any thoughts on the topic? :)

23 Jan
I think it is best to workout a muscle even if it is still sore. For me when I work out a muscle with it still being sore the soreness goes away quicker than when I don't work it out. Don't let the soreness stop u from working out. I say just push forward and you'll feel better in the end
26 Jan
If u r very i mean very sore then working out the same muscle is a nono.but if u r kinda sore i mean jeah u can work it out again. But take it easy.dont force your self 2 hard. U can do that when u r fully recoverd.i would suggest not 2 do any weight training. But walking, light jogging would be ok.hope thiz helpz