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Jan 31, 2014 4:10am
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I need to know good way to lose weight!!!

Thinking like 20-30 pounds and wanna keep it off too. I am physically active because Im a basketball player and I run so just Looking for any advice! Thanks guys! :)
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Jan 31, 2014 4:39am
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Clean diet your already doing cardio just find your caloric recommendation and eat 500 calories less ...u play basketball? I have a question I dnt knw if ull answer but umm u knw any good ball handing drills Id like to have better ball control

31 Jan
I'm also a basketball player. For ball handling, what I do is take two basketballs and dribble them both. There is a lot you can do with this... try youtubing two ball dribbling to get more ideas. If you can easily dribble with two balls then dribbling with one ball becomes really easy
31 Jan
I'm looking to get a second ball simply for tht purpose ...I'm very good with one ball already but whn I was playing ths guy today I notice I lose control of the ball to easy and feel a little off if tht makes any sense... hopefully two handed drills will help...also do you knw any more drills tht are more game specific tht would help me to create more space off my dribble? Thanx for answering by the way really appreciate it :-)
31 Jan
I don't know any drills for space off of dribble... I guess you could practice explosive step-backs. On step-backs try to pull back as far as you can with one dribble. This creates a lot of opportunities because if you get the defender coming towards you then you have an advantage and can easily blow by. Lol I totally didnt answer your question. Sorry
31 Jan
Actually Natasha p u did answer my question :-) tht giant step back is creating space of the dribble...Ill look explosive step backs...thanx :-)
31 Jan
Glad I could help you Hannah. If you have any more basketball questions feel free to ask me.

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