I need a workout schedule to build up my endurance for running

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Feb 18, 2014 10:29pm
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I need a workout plan I run track and am looking for something that will help with my cardio and endurance. Does anyone have a fast intense workout schedule they could share?
19 Feb
do u have access to a speed chute? if so u can do 60 yrds spirts, jumprope,mountain climbers burpees. do each for 30sec max hope this helps good luck
21 Feb
Will this work for endurance and I have a track and weight room that I can access if that will work?
21 Feb
Endurance meaning for long distance running like a fast mile and 2 mile
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Feb 19, 2014 3:12pm
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What distance??

21 Feb
I would recommend something like 2 days long distance, one day medium distance, one day sprints, one day different kind of cardio, one day yoga and stretch, one day total rest and add some speed/agility work because having good form can change things a lot. Something like Monday--speed and agility, walk 1 lap, run 1 lap for speed x3 (6 laps total, 3 walk 3 run), Tuesday--run 1 mile, Wednesday-- cardio such as walk, bike, swim, hike, dance, boxing, plyometrics, skate, ski, Insanity..., Thursday--speed and agility, sprints (good time to use a chute!!), Friday-- jog 3 miles, Saturday-- yoga and...