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Mar 24, 2014 10:39pm
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I've been doing crunches everyday for about a 2 months now. Starting with sets of 20s and now doing sets of 115. My upper abs are like showing but I have a gut and these crunches aren't working my lower abs. Like I just don't feel it down there when I'm doing them. So I started doing hanging inclined sit ups and boy killing me. I did some and couldn't do crunches/situps for days. So im recovered now and wondering if I should do more. What would be the most effective exercise to work your lower abs?

25 Mar
There more abs workouts than crunches i bet if u were to try evey ab workout once a day for 2month u had a six pack already or at least a four
25 Mar
I have the upper 4 pack but im trying to work out the lower
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Mar 24, 2014 11:16pm
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Leg lifts always torch my lower abs, especially if you have ankle weights!  If you want a circuit, I highly recommend this one:

Lower Ab Massacre

Again, if you have them, use ankle weights.

To burn off that last bit of fat you'll need some cardio in there too, and clean eating.  Ab exercises alone won't cut it down for a six pack.  Maybe do some burpees before breakfast and bed, or do some HIIT.  Just remain consistent and you'll get it!

24 Mar
Also, no reason not to do more as long as you aren't still sore.
25 Mar
Thanks for the great advice but one thing... What's HIIT?
25 Mar
High intensity interval training. Think 20 seconds going hard 20 seconds rest. It's more effective than regular cardio because it really revs up your metabolism even after you stop. There's plenty of hiit on here, too. I know one of them is seven minutes of different calisthenics (crunches, pushups, lunges, etc) and it's killer. If you use cardio machines at the gym, try the interval or hill interval setting.