How much workouts a day?

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Apr 24, 2014 3:55am
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Do 1-2 workouts a day. Don't do more than 2! Cause, then you might go overboard, and get too skinny. Here are the tips for doing workouts a day.

1. Do your 1st workout
2. Take a break (shorter than 2 hours)
3. Right before next workout (water break)
4. Do your 2nd workout
5. Make up a cooldown (less than 10 minutes)
6. Done for the day!

Those are all the steps for 1 or 2 workout/workouts a day. If you want to learn about all the tips/steps for working out? Please! Read this topic to learn about working out and how many workouts a day. If you really want to workout. But not on Skimble. Workout on the TV, Computer, or Device. Or at the gym. Hope you have a noce time workout. A good time to post in this topic, is when, your telling me how you felt about your workout. Hope you have a nice time working out.
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Apr 24, 2014 7:22am
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Just one question. What do you mean with workout? That word doesnt really say much.