Workout day 1

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Jun 25, 2014 6:05pm
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Just got done with first workout of the day followed by a weight loss workout of walking and running on the treadmill. Topped off with a double scoop protein shake and cold shower. Lol. Feeling pretty good... not feels much burn as I'd like for my abs, my goal section. Probably add sit ups and supported push ups tonight or tomorrow. Is there such a thing as over doing it?

25 Jun
Of course. If you feel too bad to function normally, that is a strong sign... But there's no such thing as "goal section", when speaking about weight loss. You'll have to burn overall fat to lose some of that waist fat. Good news is - you will improve all the good things on your way to flat tummy - figure, posture, mood, self esteem, etc...
25 Jun
One time back in high school I trained with my friend in the marines, damn! I was out of commission the following 2 days cause I wasn't prepared. Continued for the rest of the month and I got cut quick! I'd like to get back to that but at a healthier pace.
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Jun 25, 2014 7:30pm
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Well, if TOMORROW you feel like today you could have done more, do more tomorrow! Just add slowly. It's better to progress slowly than overdo it and quit, get injured or lose motivation!
What I don't like about Skimble is that you never know how intense/hard a new workout will be. Always guessing... But if you find some nice five/ten/fifteen minutes workouts you can always add those if you feel like doing a bit more!

25 Jun
Yeah I Just started this app yesterday because I have always had a problem with keeping focused. I like how the trainer reminds you and talks to you.