Worthless Workout Moves

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Jul 26, 2014 3:37pm
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So as I'm doing different workouts on here I'm finding that certain moves feel absolutely worthless. There seems to be no challenge to the Bird-Dog, 90-90 Crunch Taps, and the Bent Knee Twist. Any suggestions for added challenge with these moves?

26 Jul
For the bird dogs you're supposed to keep your arm and leg raised for 6 counts before lowering it back down and then switch. It is a challenge if you try to go higher each time.
26 Jul
So I should try to hold the Bird-Dog for longer counts then?
26 Jul
Yes and try to bring your arm and leg a little higher each time you raise them. :)
26 Jul
Try holding a hand weight in the arm you raise out in front of you and add some ankle weights
27 Jul
Add weight.