Any full body workout??

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Aug 19, 2014 12:58pm
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Please recommend me a FBW.. I'm a beginner and was recommended to start with FBW.. Any suggestions for any program??

19 Aug
10 min Tabata Burpees
20 Aug
Test that Do a set of X pull ups X x5 squats X x3 push ups X x5 crunch Test 30sec 1set of X+1 pull ups X+1 x5 squats X+1 x3 push ups X+1 x5 crunch Test 30sec Set 3 (x+2) / set 4 (x+3) / set 5 (x+4)... When you can't finish a set completely, continue like this If you "finish" set 4, do the 3 , 2 and 1 SLOWLY for more effect NO PAIN NO GAIN It's very easy to do 1or 2 set but if you respect the time to rest and ALL exercises, it's more...
20 Aug
It isn't test 30sec REST 30 SEC