how to tone bum and abs

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Aug 31, 2014 12:06pm
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I am looking to tone my abs and get a bigger bum anyone got ideas on how I could do this? I have tried so much and nothing seems to be working, I don't want to loose weight as I am a size 6 but it's just to tone up?

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Aug 31, 2014 12:11pm
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Try and Google starting strength. Just use sumo deadlift instead of conventional :)

For abs try and do weighted abb movements :)
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Aug 31, 2014 12:24pm
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How to tone your core and lower body eh? go ahead and do 4 tabata: 1- lateral squat 2- half bridge 3- lateral torso tilts (or do Russian twists instead) 4- lateral leg raise hold (standing, just raise a leg like a side kick and hold the position) that's the program I usually give to the girls that ask me for some personal training. 3 days a week and there u go, in 1-2 months you'll have the lower body you wished to have.