Chest, Shoulders and Biceps

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Sep 8, 2014 10:46am

Hello, i want to gain and shape my chest, shoulders and my arms (especially my biceps).

I do a lot of workouts for my abs, do push-ups and pull-ups mostly in the evening and havenĀ“t so much time for my workouts.

Can you give me some adwise or can you post workouts that should fit to me (i have a yogamat, a pull-up-bar and two 15KG Dumbbells)?

08 Sep
Goto filter in workouts and select chest or biceps and select weights lot of workouts come up for the equipment you have....15kg is a good start but you will quickly outgrow them!
08 Sep
Look for an app called jefit aswell gives you a look at the muscle of the body pick one and ot will give you routines you can do :-)