Best weight machines and free weight for muscle weight gain, tips?

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Sep 12, 2014 9:10am
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Looking to get both a diet plan setup and workout routine. Been a member at a gym for three months. Feel stronger but thats about it. Gained 2 pounds in three months. My body metabolizes so fast I cant eat enough to sustain my workouts. What are some good healthy high calorie foods that I can more constantly consume to maintain the calories I need for a heavy workout and what weight training regimen is recommended. Example, I know squating and bench pressing helps build size. Whatelse?

12 Sep
Well we have the same problem, fast metabolism. I've been hitting the gym for almost a year now. From 2 days a week, until 5 days a week now. Normally I do a lot of barbell and dumbell based exercise, i.e concentration curl, because from what I know, barbell and dumbell are help to gain strength and muscles. As for food, I eat 6-8 times a day because of the exercise makes you wanna eat. Because I want to gain weight and muscle, I eat everything, even junk food.
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Sep 12, 2014 1:57pm
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IDK, Twinkies?