Really need help!

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Sep 19, 2014 12:52pm
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Hey guys. I used to be skinny cos ive been eating clean. Then I stopped it because I wanted to bulk a little more. There goes my abs. And now finally im satisfied with the size im in. (I finally have boobs lol) but I want my abs back. Im afraid if I eat clean again I go back to being skinny. Tell me what to do?!

19 Sep
U need to concentrate on just toning ur abs now, U've bulked up what u wanted n now u need to loose the fat gained from bulking one area... I'm no pro by any .means hun but I'd say that's what I'd do...
19 Sep
Abs are made in the kitchen. Eat clean. Stay lean. And workout to tone ur muscles. U wont lose muscles if u work them. Do 3-4 x of weight training and 2-3 x cardio. Dont lift weights when u do cardio. This way u will build muscles nd burn fat. also like i said before eat clean. And the abs will come out. Good luck. Stay Motivated :)