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Oct 24, 2014 10:03pm
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I would like to follow workouts from this app but the guy who owns the local gym is pretty strict at all of the gym goers to follow his training programme, he's pretty well built himself so should I continue taking his lead or tell him to shove it and follow the app instead? P.s he's a professional bodybuilder

25 Oct
Do what you think is best I mean I'm sure they both have good tips and advice so do what will help you stay motivate and fits your schedule and personality best to make you happy and live fit or say fuck it and do them both
25 Oct
If you have experience doing exercise in the gym or you dont know what to do, keep with his progamm. Where i go the trainer has his upper body just fine, but his lower body look like chicken legs. I have a little ( i was more into swimming ) so i keep asking professional people that i know. Just keep the work and tell him that you want to combine his workout with the app or something like that ( sorry my english is not the best ahaha ) Have a good day in the gym sir
25 Oct
You could always choose to do both
25 Oct
Thanks everyone for the input I guess I will follow his advice for a month and if it shows results I'll stick to or if not then I'll stick it to him lol and yeah I will try to have a good day :D