1000 challege

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Nov 13, 2014 10:22pm
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I challege you to complete
500 push ups
150 Dead hang. full form pull ups
200 Full upright sit-ups.
150 air Squats.
In 5 days.
I will post my progress. Tell me how difficult this is for you! And what method you use to complete bthe task!

14 Nov
For me easy, i do that in one day... but is a very good thing to do
14 Nov
Nice ! In one day huh? . That is a crazy thing right there ! Id love to see you do 250 pullups in a day.! You will be my mentor!
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Nov 14, 2014 1:01am
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A day has 24 houra which you will sleep 8 of them. Which left 16 over. 15 every hour will do the trick kinda. But im someone who bites theought the pain...

I dont pay attention to what I eat, consume protein or stuff like that. I eat junkfood and sugar.
But you xan still see results on my body because im committed dedicated and know what I want thats why i turn the pain off, pass out puke but never give up... thats how you will achieve it.

I hate every second of pain, but i will say duck it. I will enjoy the victory later... pain is now pride is for ever...

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Nov 14, 2014 3:05am
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Good challenge bro. I will start tomorrow.

15 Nov
How is the progress comjng along ?
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Nov 14, 2014 3:12am
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In 3 days would be more of a challenge in 5 days give at least two rest day.

15 Nov
Absolutely, I posted this with the regards to the individuals who are new to fitness, and still learning their bodies limits ! :) do it in three days ! I am currently on my few sets
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Nov 15, 2014 4:09pm

This is easy! I do 130 pull ups in one 18 min circuit.

15 Nov
That is great! Then step it up and dont do it in pyramid form. Try doing sets of 25 or 30 like I am :).