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Jan 7, 2015 1:45am

So I know a lot of you use the workouts here but I like to introduce a little of crossfit and strength training in one. I post new workouts on my facebook page but I will post them sometimes on hear. I'm posting this because this is one of the best 30 minute workouts I had in a long time.

4 rounds of:

400m run ( I ran on the treadmill for quarter mile speed 7-8)
24 Squats
24 Push ups
24 Sit ups

For a total time of 23 minutes. This was supposed to be 6 rounds but I'm starting off easy. Rest as needed.

2 rounds of:

95 lb push press x 10
12 lb med ball slam x 10
Pull ups or pull downs x 10 (my weight was 110 lb on the pull down)

For a total time of 10 minutes. This took me 33 minutes. If you like naming your workouts I call this Betty Sue. Helen of Troy is tomorrow.

Any takers? If you have any questions just ask. Do the weight you can for the prescribed reps.