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Jan 14, 2015 4:00am
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Hi everyone! Im kind of new to this, and I feel like it would be ineffective if I just did random workouts everyday. Does anyone have tips on how to start and continue a schedule? Or where to start for that matter?

14 Jan
I know how you feel!! I started working out for sports a few years ago. I found it best to target my legs/lower body first and build up. Also try and challenge yourself, but know your limits and set goals that you really believe I can reach
14 Jan
*u and also try and build up on reps ie 5 push ups to start then maybe add 5 more every day for a monthly goal!
14 Jan
Thank you so much! do much
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Jan 14, 2015 4:26am
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Well the way that kind of worked for me was to start with small workouts, less than 20mins & often quite short, because especially in the beginning the biggest obstacle was my own mind... So it was easy to convince myself to do a three or five minute workout, and often I would end up doing another, & eventually looking for more of a challenge.

I think just getting moving is the goal in the beginning. Tracking your progress is very important but at this point your progress should just be in minutes per week spent exercising.

Another real important thing is adopting a "new way of life" attitude. This is not easy or quick, but if you just keep returning to exercising, even if you are lazy & don't do anything for a week or a month or even longer, as long as you keep coming back to it, you'll slowly but surely enter into that new life.

These were/are my fav short workouts
Scientific 7-Minute Workout
Sun Salutation Yoga 7:00
Cardio Fight Club HIIT 8:00
Drill Sergeant Mom 18:00
The A-Team 20:00
Rapid-Fire Obliques 20:00
Get Up Get Up And Get Down 12:00

Doing random workouts is fine, you'll still gain a lot of benefits & be able to perceive progress. That being said, returning to  a fave regularly is a good idea to really notice progress.

14 Jan
This helps so much, thank you!
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Jan 14, 2015 11:46pm

Start with some excecise that no longer more than 30 minutes but no less of 15 minutes, i recommend that 1 day do a cardio workout, 2nd day some strength low body, 3rd day cardio, 4th strength upper body, an so.

Or you can do the following: do all days cardio (in case you want to tune or go slim) the fisrt day lets say you do 30 minuts, day 2 do 15 mins, day 3 do 35 minuts, day 4 do 20 mins, day 5 do 30 mins, day 6 do 15 minutes, day 7 do 35 mins and so on. After 1 month you can add 10 minutes to every workout. The main idea is that you have days with an active rest. and to do somethin like the image