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Jan 30, 2015 5:59pm
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Which work out is best for verginal tighten idk I'm obsessed with keeping myself tight down there I do a lot of keger people tell me yoga is good for that ....and also best work out for your your butt to pop out and lift up other then squats

30 Jan
I believe not sleeping around keeps it tight. I only been with 2 men my whole 32 years on earth. And its on point! Lol
30 Jan
Yes I agree I barely have sex probably once every three months .... And because of that reason because I feel like sex open me and my boo be like no and I'm like idk ima do some yoga haha #obsessed with tightness lol
30 Jan
With your husband/boyfriend you dont have to worry. To be honest i believe if its with multiple parts Ugh dont wanna be to descriptive. But hope u know what i mean lolol