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Feb 1, 2015 2:22pm
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yesterday I did a ABS-Workout but my stomach hurts so much today. The reason is I didn't warm up I guess. How do you warm up?

(Excuse my English, I'm German :-D)

01 Feb
Walking in place, windmills, jogging in place, jumping jacks--anything that gets your body moving and loosened up. After a routine, do a good stretching routine, especially of the muscle groups you concentrated on. Those two things help lessen the chance of soreness. Your English is fantastic--much better than I was at the languages I used when we lived outside the US. :-)
01 Feb
I bet u didn't expect anyone to reply this quickly. And ur English is fine don't worry about that, it's all good. If ur stomach was hurting during the workout then it's okay it might just mean that u need a rest, the muscles got tired so I would suggest u make the workout easier.
01 Feb
Just a little jogging in the spot And stretching should do. Just make sure ur u feel ur body and ur all warm and ready to warm up.
01 Feb
Thank you for answering this quick! :) I felt good during the workout but I left out my 30 seconds of "Rest" and did it all in one. I will try this! Glad to hear my English isn't that bad, thank you :-D
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Feb 1, 2015 3:02pm
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Not only is it your warm up try considering what your eating and how much water your consuming. Soreness is a identifier from your body that a portion of your body is injured and is recovering meanwhile inflammed. You may here about body builders using lots of protein and lots of recovery endurance pills. Quite simple your body has to consume a certain amount of nutrients to cover that regain of tear in the muscles which in turn eats fat and carbs and heals it's self. This might not make much sense when I explain it so I'll save the time. Get yourself a protein shake (creatine, bananas, peanutbutter, cocoa, ice blended) stretch than warm up by slightly elevating your heart rate to a portion of where it's going to be then do the workout after don't go straight to the couch stretch it out slow walk it drinking your protein and consuming your water in between. Watch the difference. Remember carbs is what your body seeks for energy and endurance you want some to maintain an active exercise but not to much because your weightloss program won't be as effective. Feel free to contact me for any nutrition information I can help ya.

01 Feb
Wow, thank you very much!! I'm sure it will help! :)

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