Plateau party!

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Feb 8, 2015 5:09am
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If u r new to lifting or just want some advice here is something for ya. I read an article a while ago about plateaus and how to over come them. We have all been there before where we get stuck and discouraged. We then stop.

What I red was to have a lifting party. At first I did not know what to think then I read on. The article was about what Arnold did. What he said was that if he thought he was at a plateau with a muscle group he would work the hell out those muscles.

For me it was my chest. No matter what I did I could not grow because I was not pushing more weight. My first "chest" party hurt like crazy. But I was able to push more weight after that. What I do is block of about an hour or two to work out only my chest. I did different exercises but just for chest. Incline bench, flat bench, DB flyes, and pushups. For the next few days I had to recover. It was worth it for me. I have increased my bench weight at least double.

This is not something to do often. Maybe once every few months or so. Doing this can cause injuries. Be careful, take your time, see results.