Which muscle group/which day?

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Feb 27, 2015 9:44am
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I'm not sure how to schedule my workout days. Should I be working on each muscle group separately (legs,chest,back) on separate days? Or can I combine some together. I need a suggested schedule. My goal is to be muscular and lean.like a basketball player or swimmer.6pack and tone chest wide shoulders

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Feb 27, 2015 12:01pm
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At my opinion,u should do it seperately because u will get tired if u do so many workout at the same time..remember bro,our body also need to rest to gain muscle..to get a lean and muscular body,u should do as many reps as u can until u reach the max hit..hopes my advices help u :)

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Feb 27, 2015 1:42pm
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What I do is day 1 chest and back
Day 2 Shoulder and legs
Day 3 arms and abs
Day 7 rest day
Just what I am doing.. do your own research

27 Feb
2-days-split. See below :-)
27 Feb
Sorry, 3 days actually ;-)
27 Feb
Yeah and it seems to be working for me but still ill shuffle up the days soon
27 Feb
You should always keep your muscles on red alert - they may not fall into a certain routine
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Feb 27, 2015 3:35pm
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It depends on your physical abilities and training goals: you usually start with a light to moderate full body workout as a beginner - two or three exercises/machines per muscle (group).

While keeping this up including increase of the challenge/weight or change of reps you will increase your strength, get used go the challenge and know how to do your exercises as thorough (meaning clean and perfect movement) as possible (important to prevent injury). You may also change the exercises/machines during this time or, speaking of gym, change to free weights for more complex movements which also challenge surrounding tissue and muscles.

Then, when you feel you want to still increase the challenge, you change to split workouts, meaning that you train not the full body each time but separate muscle groups:

A 2-days-split (not sure how it's called in English) means that you are splitting up the full body workout into two different workouts on different days adding up to a full body workout, e.g. Day 1: abs, glutes and back, Day 2: chest, legs and arms. This can be done up to a 5-day-split, where you work only on one muscle group per training day.

Effect of this splits: you are able to challenge your muscles to their absolute limit, thus increase the challenge to its max (e.g. you are literally crawling back home on separate leg days) and let this muscle recover (really important for effective and healthy improvement) the following day(s) while still being able to continue training (on a different muscle group then).

Good luck!

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Feb 28, 2015 11:47am
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This is pretty much my weekly routine.

Gym Warm Up    Each day

Chest Day    Monday
Back Day    Tueday
Cardio    Wednesday
Shoulders    Thursday
Leg Day    Friday

I usually do spin classes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday after weights.

Weekend rest but this every night...
Every Night Of The Week Challenge

28 Feb
Great routine!