Expert advice needed. Calisthenics + Weightlifting

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Mar 10, 2015 11:52am
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I'm currently new to calisthenics and I want it to be my main workout, but I can't seem to let go my heavy compound dumbbell exercises. Yesterday, I first did my compound exercises, then after 2 hours, I did my back/biceps calisthenics. I failed the last set(3rd set) of my calisthenics(I did a total of 108 pull ups that day) and I felt that my workout is incomplete, but I have to listen to my body.

My calisthenic sched is: Mon-Back/Biceps; Tues-Chest/Triceps; Wed-Legs; Thurs-Shoulders; and Fri-Abs.

My heavy compound sched is : Mon & Thurs. They are Bench Presses, Pull Ups, Deadlifts, & Squats.

I just want to know if I can split my heavy compound exercises and incorporate them to their corresponding target body part calisthenics.

Like for example: Calisthenic back/biceps are all different variations of pull ups so I think there's no need to do additional pull ups for my compound exercise. But, can I add bench presses during my chest/triceps calis, dumbbell squats during leg calis, and probably deadlifts during ab calis??? I separated squats and deadlifts since I think it's too much if I will do them on the same day. Will it help me maintain my current strength as if I'm doing all 4 heavy compound exercises on the same day???

My reasons why I need some advice are: 1.) I love heavy lifting, but bodyweight training is more ideal for my body type; and 2.) I don't want to have chicken legs, thus the weighted squats and deadlifts.

I'm really prone to overtraining and I think doing intense full body weighted compound exercises and an intense specific body part calisthenic on the same day is too taxing for my body. I've been there and I failed.

I want to do them both, but I only have one body. :'(

Sorry for the long post. If there's something you want to clarify, please don't hesitate to ask.

Maraming salamat, Vielen Dank, & Thank you!!!

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Mar 10, 2015 6:04pm

My advice would be to split your weeks up into a month i.e. One week weight-training and the second week calisthentics.

It looks to me like you are definitely at risk of over-training trying to combine the two into one week.

11 Mar
Thanks! This week, I'll split my weighted exercises and incorporate them with their correspondong calisthenic. This will be my trial week if I can do it or not. If it seems that it's too hard, then I will do like what you said and split them into weeks...
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Mar 13, 2015 6:08pm
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I also do calisthenics with my workout. I usually do a light routine, such as the morning exercise popularized by the Japanese called Rajio Taiso. This is an easy early morning stretch so to speak. But if you want the full degree I would do as Scotty suggested. For my rest days I Try to still do my morning Rajio Taiso, and then spend the day stretching.

14 Mar
Thanks! I will search the internet for this Taiso exercise.
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Mar 14, 2015 10:13pm
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I was doing some workouts earlier that I'd created over a year ago and thought of this topic.

You can check out these 3 workouts which are a combination of calisthenics and weights designed to tone up & drop body fat. They are also INSANELY tough 
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Mar 15, 2015 7:41am
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You can add 1 compound lifting exercise in your calisthenics routine. Eg bench press in chest day, bentover row/deadlift in back day, overhead press in shoulder day and squat/lunge in leg day. You can keep changing the lifting exercise so that you will get a variety

15 Mar
That's exactly what I'm trying to do! Good to know that they can be mixed. Thanks!
15 Mar
For mastering calisthenics, you would like to increase your strength and endurance without increasing your weight. So i would recommend to do your lifting exercises in rep range of 3-5 for strength and 15+ for endurance