High intensity workouts?

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Mar 23, 2015 10:39am
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Has anyone got some really god high intensity workouts that help gain muscle all round. This would really help thanks!

23 Mar
Are you just starting
23 Mar
I really like the Cardio Fight Club HIIT. It gets my heart rate crazy high and it's got all the goodies like squats and push-ups plus a lot of kicking and punching. It's on the intense level tho so if you're just starting out and haven't worked out before you might want to try something a bit easier.
23 Mar
Okay dont wana sound too "advisory professional" but first go for the ones that make your body get a hint of what's coming, dont just straight dive into 'Arnold' routine it doesn't work that way Secondly Go for planks (all sorts but bit by bit) such as '2 min elbow plank' Add some catdio to your daily punch and dont forget thr squats and push ups That're the ones for muscle building Cheers G'luck