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Apr 19, 2015 5:05pm
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Hi there!

I was using skimble 1 year ago and I built muscle and lost so much weight (6-7 Kgs in 4-5 months), I was 1.70m and was weighting 57 kg that time.

After 6 month I became inactive, didn't manage to go to gym, or do skimble at home (well it's not about managing, it's about a wish, I know, I know..) I was doing my internship, like 10-11 h a day, and in the evening I couldn't move my ass haha

Well, I'm back and from now on never gonna leave this app, I decided to do every day 30 mins to 1 hour workouts medium to high level ones.
Right now I am 68.5 kg and I guess 1,5 cm more haha

Do you think I will still get same results if I keep it up? My aim is around 57-58 kg

(I consume 1200 calories a day, including drinks like whey protein and iso-aminos).

To sum it up, it's my first day after leaving this app, so feel free to share your stories & to cheer me up :))
19 Apr
1200 calories a day! Wow. What do you eat?
19 Apr
For breakfast Müsli (cornflakes in English I guess :D) lunch a salad without dressing, in the evening after workout protein drinks and somewhere in between protein snack. And finally I don't even make up to 1200 mostly :D
21 Apr
Welcome back Nina! I know how key motivation really is and I also fell prey to "not having time or energy" to exercise. I started Skimble last year and did well at first then got busy and slacked off until now. :-( Went back to the gym last night and was sad to see how much progress I had actually lost! But after that workout I felt amazing and now I hope that I never quit again! Wishing you luck (or motivation?) To stick with your goals even when it gets tough and quitting looks so much better!
21 Apr
William, thanks for your encouragement :) it really means a lot to me. Wish you the same, we will rock the world with our bodies haha :) keep in touch and share your further steps and updates.
21 Apr
Of course! Another goal is to be more active on here to help myself stay accountable and to help motivate others! I think I'll start with a "before" picture tonight :-\
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Apr 20, 2015 3:12pm
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I started almost 3 months ago, and have become more and more committed each week. My body is completely different from when I started and the programs I choose keep me sore.I don't want to go back to where I was before and the workouts are something I can even get done during the slow moments at work.

20 Apr
Best of luck to you! :) I was for about 1 year really good at healthy eating and exercising, I looked much better than now, the most important is to finally choose lifestyle and follow it. I gave up after I had amazing results. New again!!! Yesterday I started over again, counting calorie intake and daily exercises. Do you have a special motivation, or main motivation is body transformation? How often do you train? Any special goals? Cheers!
20 Apr
I got tired of seeing my ribs and wanted to see muscle! So I've been training for about an hour a day five to six days a week for three months, and am seeing great results! It took some time to see the results, but now they are hard to miss,I feel ripped!
20 Apr
Sounds great, keep it up and work out every day for better and better ;) I love exercising and even enjoy sweating :D the only problem I always have is lack of time, but now I re-prioritized, and instead of meeting with friends I do longer workouts and go out for shorter time after work :D I spend 2h in a train daily, I'm gonna search now maybe I can exercise during traveling. Do you workout just at home or do you prefer gym home combination?
21 Apr
I workout at home or at my workplace during breaks, before I began I determined if this is truly important to me, I understand that I ALWAYS make time for the things that are important to me. I wake up earlier, I have dumbbells inn my workplace, I take them with me when I travel, I plan workouts I can do in a hotel room, a breakroom, a rugby field while my son practices, outs taken some time, but I schedule and create my hardest workouts for my days off at home and I save money to buy equipment that...