How i can get ideal body

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May 19, 2015 1:06pm
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actly my weight is 57kg.
My high is 150cm.
So my bmi i 25.3
I think the result make me feel fat n really fat.
I want have slim body and make me look ok in my highers.
Someone can tell me how i can and wht can i do to have the ship body.

19 May
Try go for ur diet first
19 May
Message me and I tell u how
23 May
Ok frans
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May 19, 2015 11:29pm
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Eat healthy. Decrease but not cut fat and carbs. Eat more protein . Eat healthy fats as in Fish..

Walk 5k. Or 10000 step daily or not less than 30 min ..

Do Abs workouts 3 times a week
Do strength 2orkouts 2 times a week
Cardio .. like running .. Jogging. .or any Hiit training or sport ad you can.

23 May
Ahmed actly i didt like to workouts.verg bz.but i need workout take 5mnt how wht exsce can i do
24 May
Start with short workouts and you'll increase the time gradually as you enjoy it more. Specially Walking and running .. challenge yourself
25 May
Owh ty i will.. n i hope i can have shape body before july