New to this!!! Please Help

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Jun 5, 2015 6:35pm

Hello to all!!

I am new to this and i am needing help and motivation on this journey. I've struggled with my weight since middle school. I am 5 ft 7 and 274 pounds. While i am tall it may not look like i weigh this much but i do not feel good about where i am at, so i have decided enough is enough and i need to get it in gear and get healthy! I have cut back on soda. I maybe have 1 a month..but i mainly drink water (about 60oz - 70oz a day). My eating habits are horrible. I have cut back on ice cream but fast food is hard. Since i do go to college and work full time, it's just faster.

By the end of the year i want to at least by 220. By summer of next year i want to be at the 190 range. My problem areas would be my arms, thighs, and stomach. I'm unsure of what workouts are good for losing fat and building muscle, so can someone please help with that?? (By the way i will be working out from home during the week and at the gym on weekends. I have 5lbs dumbbells and a 10lbs kettlebell).

I created a work out schedule, which i am unsure if it is anygood or if i am putting to much on a certain part of my body but here it is:

  • Monday: Arms & Shoulders
  • Tuesday: Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred or Jillian's Kickbox
  • Wednesday: Legs & Thighs
  • Thursday: Insanity
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Gym (Cardio & Strenght)
  • Sunday: Rest

I kinda feel like this may be too much but i am not sure. Please leave your comments and opinions. They are greatly appreciated! i could use the motivation!!!

(WOW this turned out long)

07 Jun
I don't think it's too much- I workout every day of the week:)
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Jun 5, 2015 7:58pm
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Hey there!

It looks like you have a pretty good schedule in terms of exercise/workouts.

In terms of diet, you need to eat chicken/fish, vegetables etc. You can buy a chicken breast, season it with salt/pepper/garlic and steam some vegetables and bam, a pretty good meal. even a simple tuna sandwich works (or tuna on salad).

If you must have fast food, you can just switch out what you order. If you usually get hamburgers, switch to a chicken sandwich. Switch fries to a garden salad and instead of a soda get ice tea or water. Don't need to cut out the junks completely, one step at a time.

I hope this helps a bit! Good luck!