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Jun 11, 2015 8:57pm
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Hey guys! I was just wondering if there's anyway I can get my waist to be smaller. My waist is 25 inches right now but I wanted it even smaller. Plus i'm afraid abs will make it wider. Any advices?

11 Jun
I'm sure you don't have to make your waist tinier! But there isn't really such a thing as targeting specific parts of your body in order to make them smaller, losing weight overall would give you a tinier waist ( not that I think you need to get any smaller !) basically you can target certain muscles to make them stronger but you can't target specific fat unfortunately I'm trying to lose some in my waist too so I know the struggle
14 Jun
My waist is the same size . That's small , u wouldn't want it any smaller i hope . Ab workouts will tone ur abs define them . Xx:-)
14 Jun
I'm trying to get rid of fat on hips . ( call it Muffin top) so just cardio first and toning after and diet xx
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Jun 11, 2015 9:18pm
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Lol. Where do I start. Well 1st off abs are not going to make your waist big. Muscle takes up less room than fat does. Secondly your waist is already tiny,  so change your goal.

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Jun 13, 2015 5:40am
Get a corset! Or a couple of ribs removed. there's your choice, hope that helps. x
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Jun 15, 2015 6:03pm
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Jun 16, 2015 7:42am
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Work out your obliques! Take dumbbell and while standing straight up with your feet hip width apart, hold a 20-25 pound weight next year side just lean down side ways to your knee then go back up. Don't bend your knees.

16 Jun
Thank you very much! Best answer so far.