My arms are stop getting bigger

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Jul 14, 2015 9:53pm
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Hi skimbler family
I have a problem. My arms stop getting bigger
I used to do this workout :
When i feel it become too easy i had some weight.
I do this one twice a week
I eat all i can to make muscles ( lot of meat) but my arms don't grow ( when i contract my arm it is 36cm since 1 year)
14 Jul
It depends what works for you Herel. To build size I go with low reps of 6-8 with very heavy weight & 2min rest. Slow movements of 3-4 secs per lift
14 Jul
I try to do this that's why i use my max (20kg each dumbbells for me) but i think i don't do the Motion so slowly. I Will try . Thank You Scotty
14 Jul
Google "21's" as well and start doing them. They are partial reps which are excellent for adding mass. I incorporate them at the end of some of my workouts as a burn-out exercise (I don't log them though so you won't find them on here)
14 Jul
Train both biceps and triceps equally. Try adding hammer curls too.
15 Jul
Thanks i Will try to add the 21's to my arms session. I Will think how adding more triceps workout too
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Aug 23, 2015 10:33am
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Hey guys!
I mix 21's style biceps curls and triceps extension
I increase my arm size of 1cm

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