Are their "healthy" foods in a fast food restaurant. Like McDonalds?

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Jul 20, 2015 2:22am
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So sometimes I'm busy and I need a quick lunch. But going to a fast food restaurant is not my idea of a "good lunch". I just wonder if a place like McDonalds actually has anything at all that can be considered "healthy". Their salads have the same amount of calories as the 10 piece. -_- the dressing itself has more calories than the salad-_- is their anything healthy at all?!

20 Jul
Any grilled chicken sandwich, hold the mayo and cheese. Stick to small fries and hold the soda
20 Jul
Besides the salads the next thing I would say and any grilled chicken. But stay away from there burgers
21 Jul
It would be easier to make it yourself the night before...