Any workout to help me tall

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Jul 30, 2015 5:32pm
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I'm 15 years old and i want to be more taller

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Jul 30, 2015 6:13pm
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You are only 15. You have plenty time to grow taller. Workouts won't make you gain height

31 Jul
Yeah if they did I wouldn't be 4'11"
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Jul 31, 2015 12:40pm
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Dude, instead of workingout, do sports like basketball, volley ball, swimming or any other sport that forces you to stretch.

Extremely important:

Also stretch out every time you can, keep a good posture, do pull ups, or just hang from things and, if you can, do yoga from time to time.
You'll help yourself to achieve your potential height and minimize factors that make you shorter.
May be even get 2 or 5 cms more. And belive me, those few really help.
It's waaay better bieng 1,82 than 1,77.

31 Jul
WHY is it better?...
31 Jul
Well first of all, you'll have an edge at most sports... with 1,82 you'll have a good height to be a centreback at soccer (my favorite position at my favorite sport). Better header, spikes and blocks. Better view in public places and events, women are more atracted to taller guys, you'll break the psychological barrier of the 1,80 or 6 ft... for some, like the guy that asked, just feels good to be tall
31 Jul
Hahaha, ok... Maybe because I'm living in the south of China, where ppl are not very tall, things that came to my mind were like: it's almost mpossible to buy shoes that are big enough, you can't fit into a bed on a sleeper bus... lol. I'm much taller than Napoleon Bonaparte (153 cm) and as tall as Bruce Lee (169-172 cm, different sources) and in my fav disciplines (martial arts, gymnastics) and life haven't noticed any disadvantages of this. So I'd tell the guy who started the topic: sure, take all the advice to grow taller but even if...
31 Jul
Fot sure man! It's just being comfortable on your own skin. That's what matters. I don't know the reasons why the original poster wants to be tall. For me (1,80, (started doing heavy weights too young, my cousins are all 1,86 or taller) (from Chile, 1,73 average)) being able to see above the crowd in public places has always been a perk but had to quit competitive volley ball, competing against 1,90 players was to much advantage. That being said, i still enjoy the game and i'm really happy about myself and my life even if i'm not shaquille O'neals...
31 Jul
Some of my personal heroes: roberto carlos 1,68; jules verne 1,65; Ted Turner 1,88; Roger Waters 1,91... height has nothing to do with succes and happiness... just being consisten in what matters to you... that includes working out if you're in skimble i asume. :-)
Aug 1, 2015 8:46pm
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