Advanced (Upper Body focused) Bodyweight-only Program

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Oct 5, 2015 6:34pm

As weird as it sounds, but i just cant seem to find a good Workout or Program for my needs.

I'm looking for bodyweight only exercises, so no dumbbells or weights. I've a mat and a pull up bar that i want to put to use. The "Beginners Bodyweight" is just not challenging at all and although im a big fan of HIIT, all of those programs require at least dumbbells. i want to focus on my upper body, but doing a bit of legs as well. The Home Bootcamp program has 80% leg exercises, which also doesnt fit me needs. I like HIIT because it keeps my heartrate up and a length of around 15-25min is just perfect.

If anybody has a couple of workout or program recommendations, id love to hear them.



06 Oct
Perhaps take a look at Sworkit. (Free program). It's bodyweight only. Then create your Skimble routines based on the moves it suggests.
06 Oct
Hey Sharon, thanks so much. Yeah i actually used Sworkit before Skimble. But it has been really buggy for the past weeks and Skimble seemed much more solid. But alright, I'm going back then. Cheers