Weight lifting (where to start)

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Oct 18, 2015 12:28pm
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Hello. Many people don't know what the heck to do when they walk into a gym so i thought I'd share these workouts I found on a really good website and put into skimble a while ago. I've been doing them regularly and am very happy with my progress.

First, some basics:
1. After you take a look at the workout, go to the website where i found the workouts and read the descriptions and theory behind them, which explains why beginners gain a lot from keeping their workouts simple. You can find everything on aworkoutroutine.com

2.Women should lift weight too. the whole idea that you will 'bulk up' is a myth, and 'light weight many reps' is not necessarily bad but you are missing out on a world of benefits, both health AND appearance, from lifting weight that actually feels heavy. Do the workouts as they are meant to be done. Lift heavy, if an exercise calls for 3 sets of 8-10 reps, choose a weight that you can't do three sets of ten first off. When you finally progress to the point you can do 3 sets of 10, increase weight and go back down to trying for 3 sets of 8. I promise you won't regret the results.

3. Log your workouts.(weight, sets, reps) I use Simple Workout Log but there are many ways to keep track. But you must keep track. This is crucial.

First, the beginner workouts:
Beginner Weight Training: Workout A
Beginner Weight Training: Workout B

Do these three times a week
alternating ABA BAB ABA BAB
This is really schedule friendly. Lots of days to do whatever else your busy life requires, or to try core work or cardio, or some complexes. (see below)

I did this basic workout regularly for over 6 months. They're simple, and I could fit them inside of an hour, counting getting into the gym, workout, shower, and out. I did not do a whole lot of warmup with these, just five minutes on an elliptical, so my progress was perhaps affected, but I did see progress.

Then I read more into warmups, on the same website where i got the workouts, so i made these :
Beginner Weights A (with Warmup)
Beginner Weights B (with Warmup)

Warmup time is included but that is movement specific, before all of these workouts I do at least five minutes on the elliptical and my own little routine of some dynamic & static stretches. (been incorporating 'dislocators' recently, look em up)

You should read the websites page about warmup to get the most out of this. The workout gets a little longer but it's just as basic.

Now I've been doing this for almost a year, just had schedule time freed up, & wanted to switch things up again. So I decided to go ahead and put "the muscle building workout" from aworkoutroutine.com into skimble just this week. Tomorrow will be my first time using it in the gym so there may be some changes or corrections, but most of you shouldn't be worried about that anyway as you should probably be doing the beginners workouts.

NOTE : you really should read what the website says about why you should not start with a more complex workout like this.

Muscle Builder (upper A)
Muscle Builder (lower A)
Muscle Builder (upper B)
Muscle Builder (lower B)

This is four days a week, AABB.
Exercise specific warmup is included. Again, do your overall warmup first.
A lot of the exercises, especially the specific ab sections, are substitutable with comparable exercises, just check the website for some ideas.

On your off days, for a fresh alternative to cardio, look into complexes. I've only put one into skimble but there are many others. Check out the site where i got it

Link doesn't work so just google "t nation screw cardio"

Cosgrove's Evil 8 Complex

Be careful with this one. Look the exercises up and study/practice the form. If you are unfamiliar with power clean especially use a light weight to prevent wrist injury until your form is reliably safe. This complex is good enough with a naked bar anyway, it kicks my butt with just 10 kg on the bar.

So, here are some ideas of where to begin in a gym. I hope this helps.

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Oct 17, 2016 2:37pm
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The beginner workouts A & B with warmup have minimal leg work. I saw the squats, but the rest is most upper & arms. What is the reasoning behind this?

 I'm considering starting this. I've been in the gym for about 7 years, but I am going to focus now mostly on weight training & muscle gain at this point. 
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Oct 17, 2016 4:20pm
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He explains it as well as I could hope to here


17 Oct
but basically, you're hitting legs with the biggest compound exercises three times a week with this schedule
17 Oct
he explains how it has been found that higher frequency with less volume yields better results, meaning that rather than the typical gym-bro split where you hit legs maybe once a week but do like fifty different sets, just do a few good sets but do it more often in a week.
18 Oct
Thank you Patrick. I've looked at the site, and it seems helpful. I may need more advise so keep in touch!
18 Oct
I agree with him. A split like this creates alot bigger volume with high frequency over week time. In this alot more possibilities to create overload.