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Nov 21, 2015 6:01pm
via Android

Does anyone feel like thier self guided workouts don't get credit bc is not in the app? Lol ... I don't have time to make workouts in the app and change routines frequently so It'd be a waste of time anyway. ... What about a free lift 1hr routine. ...ready go, time interval countdown 20 min increments, cool down stretch 20mi .

22 Nov
Does that mean 1 hour of lifting and 20min of cool down?
22 Nov
Either way, you can make that workout really easily in skimble. Add a five second "great job!" exercise at the end so if you don't end up actually using skimble for your timer, you can do your workout at the gym however you want, then later you can log it into skimble (and get credit /inspire friends) by skipping all the way to the end and only having to wait that last five seconds.
22 Nov
I like that. ... thanks Patrick!
22 Nov
Yea. Sometimes I get the full hour other times is 45ish....depends on how strenuous the sets/supersets. . . . And if I get distracted