How much fat can teens lose?

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Nov 28, 2015 8:06pm
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So my body fat must be around 12-18%. I am not sure. I have little fat in my body, but no muscle showing, like abs. I wanted to have a better body, but for so I need to lower the fat percentage on my body. I walk 30 minutes almost everyday from school to my home, I have no time to workout first thing in the morning, plus I need to go to bed late and so I can't wake up early. I try and follow a strict diet to keep growing while I get slimmer, but sometimes it's hard because my family is terrible with diets. What kind of workouts can I do? I do HIIT and even do sports 2x a week... I wanted to go to the Gym so I could have a more complete workout but time isn't much. I have like 30 minutes a day to workout, sometimes 1 hour but I am always tired and feel like the workouts I do are not the best... Please ...

28 Nov
HIIT is the best overall. Not just for weight loss but also for muscle gain. And stop trying to lose weight so you can build muscle. Muscle replaces fat. In fact the bodybuilders up on stage spend 6 months bulking which means they get fat as possible. Then the next 6 months of the year they spend cutting which is turning all that fat into muscle. (I would not recommend bulking and cutting unless your an adult and want to be a pro busy builder
28 Nov
So I should eat more so I can mass? Problem is the mass I gain turns into fat instead of muscle. I am 15 years old and I still need to grow a bit more... Ops?
28 Nov
No the food will turn into fat. Once you build muscle though it will go into your muscle
28 Nov
So I need to workout more to turn fat into muscle? How can I get rid of belly fat though... I just wanted abs really, I train it a lot and focus much on it, but I got half an inch of fat on top of the abs though I can feel them they're not visible... drives me crazy
28 Nov
Well everybody has abbs some people just have them hidden under belly fat. In the case of your stomach and and love handles I would focus more on cardio than strength. But when comes to a six pack don't just take my word for it. Since I don't have I would wait until some comes on to this topic that does have one and ask them what they did