New training split, Any suggestions?

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Jan 6, 2016 10:19am
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Hello the people of skimble
I was just thinking about making a new split and see how things work, im starting this from the next month. So i want u guys to suggest that is this a good split, and if not suggest what can be changed. Dont hesitate to comment any changes, which u feel would be appropriate.
Day 1: Abs
Day 2: Chest/Triceps
Day 3: Shoulders/back
Day 4: Biceps/Forearms
Day 5: Abs
Day 6: Chest/Triceps
Day 7: Shoulders/Back
Day 8: Biceps/forearms
This split is not based on the days of the week
For ex:- Monday- Shoulder
Tuesday- Abs
Instead I wanna try this 8 day split
I'll follow it according to the days and do Day1 again after Day8,
I made this split while keeping it in mind that each muscle group takes 72 hours to heal, so i gave each mucle group 72 hours to heal themselves before hitting them again.
And i have purposely added the 'Abs' before Chest day cuz i read somewhere that we should do our chest after a 'Rest' day, so i guess we dont really target our arms and chest with abdominal exercises?
My target is Hypertrophy so i guess keeping the weight high so that i can perform just 8-12 reps with this split can help me achieve my goal.
I dont have 'Leg days' because i train my Legs really hard while my Badminton training. The sport targets my legs very well and indirectly its like cardio where we have to do drills and train real hard. Those who have trained for badminton will know ;)
Any suggestions?

06 Jan
Abs are different from other muscle groups They requires only 24 hours to recover
06 Jan
I ve played Badminton and I get what you re saying yet that s a different type of leg workout. If you want gains on your legs include at least a leg day a week. Check out the "Wolverine" program I'm doing right now.(not sure where you re at regarding your fitness level ) Joey Green and Scotty K have some nice programs as well that you may be interested in. I would not save a day for abs only. I'm with Paul that one . I do abs more frequently for that reason.
06 Jan
I also would like to add you should have a complete day of rest or the chances you will stick to this is slim! You could burn out especially if your not resting! Recovery is important to giving that body rest and then you will come off that day of rest all pumped! Good luck!
06 Jan
Thank u guys for the advice, do u guys can help me with what can i strike out to squueze in the legs and the rest and the abs.. Jeeze thats a lot of working out lol
06 Jan
And yeah, i am not allowed to have the whey protein shakes and all that stuff, so maybe 'maybe' my muscles won't recover as quick as 24 hours?
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Jan 6, 2016 6:16pm
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And how many rest days i need to have? Is 1 rest day fine? Or how about a working rest day? Like all those testosterone boosting heavy compound exercises?

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Jan 7, 2016 5:42am
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Try doing  this

Chest/biceps / abs
Back/reardelts / triceps
Delts/ calves
High intertval training / abs

07 Jan
Thank you :)
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Jan 8, 2016 3:07am
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Demarez is right on the money with that program. Never skip leg day, you can tell yourself it's an extra rest day for your upper body.

The only thing I would add is a Rest/stretch day. While you are breaking down and building all this new muscle, you body will need rest to rebuild and stretching to prevent injuries. So it's usually best have a day dedicated to it. Alot of people use Yoga on that day.

08 Jan
Well said scott
09 Jan
Thanks alot! I will try adding a day 9 to the split and add the rest there. Appreciate it
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Jan 8, 2016 8:04am
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Depends  on your level. Always go by how your body feel me personal  i hit legs 3x a week. But i was change it up i built myself  up to hit each muscle  twice a week. When i do this i rest for 2 days

09 Jan
Wow thats some tough split? Can u share ur exact split with me? Would help. Thanks a ton
09 Jan
Here's my split Mon/thrusday /back/chest/abs Tues/fria.m delts & calves/p.m arms Wed/sat quads/hamstrings/abs I superset with back/ chest and biceps / triceps

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