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Jan 13, 2016 2:12am
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I'm new to working out but I definitely want to lose about 30lbs. I have a trainer that I work out with 6 x's a month. I normally go to the gym 3-4 x's a week but I struggle with programs and routines. It's like I get in there and don't know what to do. I typically just do some of the workouts that I've previously done with my trainer. I research a lot of workouts before I go but I can never remember them and how to do them. Any suggestions on what I need to do?

13 Jan
Start a fitness journal or use an app on your phone. I use mine to make a workout before I go the gym, track my weight and measurements, and progress. I was spending way too long at the gym and not accomplishing enough. Someone mentioned the journal to me and I haven't put mine down. It's a great tool.
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Jan 13, 2016 2:59am

If you view them on your phone or tablet. Easy bring them to the GYM and use it. That way your not going to be confused.

13 Jan
I've tried that. That slows me down ALOT and some of the times the videos won't load in the gym.