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Feb 9, 2016 8:43pm
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When I do crunches or anything similar, my neck hurts. How could I stop that?

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Feb 9, 2016 11:03pm
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The main reason that might be happening could be form, so I would trying to do the crunch motion with your arms straight out rather than behind the neck! That might help with focusing more on the movement of your core rather than lifting yourself off the mat. I know the hands behind the neck method was rough for me for awhile cause I would lift myself up from there rather than my abs! I hope this helps
10 Feb
To help prevent the pain I crossed my arms in front of my chest when ever I do sit up
11 Feb
Good point! That's a good way of doing it too!
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Feb 10, 2016 1:35am
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Here is a simple fix to your problem, take you fist and put it under your jaw and the other hand should be behind your head.

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Feb 10, 2016 6:01am
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I get that from regular crunches but not from bicycle crunches

I know for me it's from too much tension curling my neck, I don't pull from behind my head or anything, even tho I know it I still get it. I prefer bicycle crunches anyway though.