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Mar 17, 2016 8:52pm
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Hi. So losing weight takes time, but that's perfect because you will be gaining new habits along the way and those will help you from not gaining back. So the smartest thing I ever learned was to not concentrate on a number so much. Guess what, weight fluctuates. So find out what a healthy range of weight is and allow yourself a 2-3 lb range. Second, do things that you enjoy and are physical that exercise your heart- do you like biking, dancing, soccer, tennis. If your heart beat goes up a little, you are using calories- which is  energy. You can do gym type exercise if you like those to strengthen muscles. Do some physical thing everyday even its for 10 minutes to start.
So you have time until graduation so that's good. One other thing, I dunno how school lunches are, but sometime they aren't all that healthy, so make sure you eat some veg and fruit at home. Especially for snacks instead of stuff that has been cooked in grease, or with sugar. Bodies are so wonderful. They work in our best interest. If we give it too much, it just stores it for us till we can use it. So, what I learned is  I have to give it a good duet but not so it has to store so much. It loves that. It might be cool to check out some ideas from the family doctor to help figure out ideas for your weight range. And don't be hard on yourself. Remember, every BODY is different. Sometimes I look at people and say wow, I wanna look like that. Well, its fine for motivation, but I found out that my version of looking good is perfect for me.