Workouts, reps, set, does order matter?

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Feb 20, 2013 5:35pm
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Today is my leg day. I have 6 leg/calf workouts for one set, 12 reps each set, and 3 sets for my leg workout for the day. Well I was just curious, does it matter the order you do your workout in? For example, I have to do the leg press, barball squats, calf raises sitting, and calf raises standing and a few other things. Does it matter if I do all 3 of my sets at the leg press at once, or is it better to do the leg press, then the squats, then the calf raises and finish out the set and then restart to finish the other two, or does not matter? If that makes sense haha.

20 Feb
Great plan! Id stick with it if it works for you..I always switch the order up up every week. If you're looking to be super toned & built, all squats first then leg presses...calves last..It will take a couple of months to show muscle on ur legs, but the muscle you build doing it this way will last all year!! Very very Boring I know! My legs are a smidge weaker but r still cut from doing this 'method' the last 2 years:)
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Feb 20, 2013 7:39pm
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Depends of how good your cardio is. Circiuts are great because they are super intens, but if you get so tied that you cant lift Heavy enough they suck. If you need rest between exercises finish one exercise at a time.

If you do circuits dont do two exercises fore the same muscle group after each other (if your goal are to build muscle) if you want to burn fat go fore exercises that works the same muscle right after each other. If you finish all the sets of one exercise first. Allways do all your exercises fore that muscle group before moving on.

Thats my advice, but whats most importent is that you do what you are comfortable with and what works fore you. Try different tactics and see what gives you the best results :)