Shin Splints

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Apr 16, 2013 11:22pm
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I'm a huge runner and most of my workouts involve running, jogging, jumping, climbing, etc. but I'm suffering shin splits ): what workouts can I do that are intense but won't aggravate my injury??
17 Apr
Switch it up with some cycling, swimming and elliptical training
17 Apr
I've dealt with shin splints for years and the best thing to do is 1) invest in tennis shoes that highly support your insole, or like what I finally did, is invest in the shoes called Vibram Five Fingers. I spoke with a shoe expert on my shin issues and he told me that these shoes are suppose to help with injuries. Also look it up online on the shoe's website. 2) As with any workout routine, you need time to recuperate. So do exercises in the pool, on a bike, or even run barefoot in the grass. I felt...
17 Apr
I know you specifically asked for exercises but I felt the rest were important to help alleviate your pain.
17 Apr
thank you Paul! and thank you Elizabeth! Ill try to look for shoes with more support and rest and ice more