Motivation and staying focused!

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May 22, 2013 9:17pm
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Has taken me a few months of not craving rubbish food, eating smaller portions and eating more frequently has helped no end. Eating healthy is defiantly a must as my friends around me are exercising but still eating junk and wondering why they staying the same. Booze was my downfall like my wine but come weekends I still treat myself 2 few glasses. Since out running or biking and now added help from this app on top, I sleep well, I'm more positive and wake up early every morning ready to start a new day . I had hit rock bottom Christmas time and dug myself out that black hole by myself and exercise keeps you positive so I hope by you reading this it helps those struggling and keep going, keep up good work!!! Stopped smoking 12 weeks now that helped my breathing no end. Love and hugs Lou x
22 May
Thats awesome and I'm glad u ova came the things that were holdin u back
22 May
If only I could say but be on here all night. Even Jeremy Kyle won't have enough air space 4 me lol. Anyways I mean rock bottom doctors wanted me on anti depressant tablets. I laid on my bed was shutting off to the outside world. Then got in my head get up get out and I started off biking miles and miles, was sorting my head out. Then tried running, that was hard start with few yards and was hanging out my **se lol. Anyway what a difference it really does make ;-) now I can hold my head...
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May 22, 2013 9:34pm
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This is motivation because I go up and down. I will work out for a few months and then out of nowhere start slacking off.  I have started again. I work out at work 5 mins an hour. You have to get it in where u can fit it in. I got my office mate on board too. My downfall is sugar. I love cakes, cookies, ice cream etc. one day at a time. I have a goal. My friend and I are going to Jamaica in a few months and I want to be in a swimsuit by them. Wish me luck. : )

Keep fighting the good fight.
Nytrice B.
22 May
Yes I was same. Baking cakes 4 my kids eating them hot out the oven. Once stopped buying it in and eating sugary things the cravings go. We all need treats now and then so treat yourself after a set goal, so say after so much exercise then think I can have a treat. I love currys not had 1 in 2 months can't say fancy 1 yet as so set in eating well but I will treat myself at some point. Good luck my lovely xxxx

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