Arms, stomach and thighs

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May 29, 2013 11:37pm
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What exercises could I do to mainly focus on my arms, stomach and thighs? I lost weight and its like my stomach dropped idk its flabby at the bottom I hate it and my arms has the flab also, whats the best way to tighten it and still lose weight?

30 May
Dont we all have a little flab somewhere:)the best way to lose belly fat and fat all over is cardio exercise,jump rope running,jump rope will,try plank,the power challenge exercise the burn fat burn exercise,thats what i tried so far, try wall push ups,triceps and biceps exercice,dont worry you will not get bulky as us women we dont have enough testestrone to bulk u will just get toned,for toning tighs nothing better than squats lunges and jumping:),do mountain climbers exercice they are great to strenghten the core and tone the belly:)
30 May
Yes and do crunches and sit ups,you must exercise hard along with dieting that way you will tone everything while loosing weight that way u will stay tight and toned;)do most of bodyweight exercice and use dumbells they are great for toning
30 May
Thanks so much, I wasnt sure which workout plan to do, I started with lucky leggy power which had me sweating like crazy I gotta write up a diet plan also, I dont eat a lot I just eat the wrong things and im definately gonna try what you suggested your help is greatly appreciated
30 May
I mean lucky leggy lower not power lol