Trouble with hands, fingers and wrists.

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Aug 10, 2013 8:28pm
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I use to get a lot of pain in my wrists from doing consecutive push ups, but the pain will go away in a few days, just remember to always stretch before and after a workout!

11 Aug
Yes, I did a mistake, when I started to run I had a bad pain in my ancle and tendon, after 2 months i could run again.
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Aug 10, 2013 10:21pm
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I do get pain in my wrists and really bad in my thumbs. I don't know if it's from exercise (used to do lots of push ups on my fingers) or motorbike but it never really goes away.
I would welcome any advice how to ease it, rehabilitate it.

11 Aug
Im trying this streches, give a look and decide if you want to do it
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Aug 10, 2013 10:34pm
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If you're having pains from your wrists up to your fingertips, especially if it wakes you up at night, you might want to speak to your family doctor about carpal tunnel syndrome. A sure sign is if you tap the centre of your wrists for 10 seconds and it makes your fingertips fall asleep. My wife is a sufferer. Her left hand was so bad she needed corrective surgery.
11 Aug
I was yhinking the same, at the beginning I felt pain in my wrist, so I stopped my routine, 15 days later I did facing dog again and I started to feel my fingerd asleep but then it dissapear, I started to do streches for my hand, arms and shoulders, and I feel improvment, I did that you said and my fingers didnt fell to asleep. Im thinking I will give to myself some time to recover 15 days maximum, if I dont get better I will go to the doctor.