Pain in upper back/shoulder blades

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Aug 13, 2013 1:37pm
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Hey guys,

I've been experiencing heavy pain around the area of my left shoulder blade. I think I might have pulled a muscle or overdid it during training. I upped my set of pull-ups this week, so I probably just stressed the muscles too much.

Anyway, my question to you is: are there any good workouts that should help relieve the pain?

13 Aug
Pain (not soreness) is your body telling you to let it heal! You need to initially rest and ice it. Then you need to introduce movement. I would not recommend any workout. Stretching and light mobility is your best bet. I'm not a doctor but some NSAIDs would be good for inflammation. The biggest mistake we make is getting back in the game too soon which could lead to catastrophic consequences. Guys are mainly susceptible to this because of our egos and impatience. Take care of it properly and you can come back training even stronger. Good luck. Tom C...
13 Aug
Please dont ice it :-) but yes keep the blood flowing by movement of the earea and the sorrounding erreas. And give it some rest for few days. If it keeps hurting it might be something more serious.