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Jan 22, 2014 12:56am
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I'm looking for a program to help me strengthen my right ankle. I have a chronic issue from having played soccer most of my life and I want to see if anybody here has had any success in fully recovering from the same situation. I would prefer a program that won't bore me to death (I've gone through some of them via trainers and physical therapists). I already swim 3 times a week and bike 2 times a week. Thanks!
02 Mar
Oh wow I have the same problem on the same ankle, haha I have had to strech it out by insoles and exersizes ect, there is side lunges to strech it, going up and down on tip toes, its all boring, I have to live with it. Its horrible ive been through orthopaedic docters, physio and chiropodist, still not right ah