Tight calves!

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May 7, 2014 6:06pm
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Help!! My calves have been bothering me since I ran my last half marathon(2 months ago). Nothing is helping, I've tried stretches and foam rolling and even took time off from all exercising. It's to the point I cannot run anymore or do any activities that require jumping. Running is my life so I need to figure something out.
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May 7, 2014 7:39pm
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Start at the buttom. So the feet.

Roll the feet or ur foamroller. The arche can get tight and stress the rest. The heelcord is the next problem.

You cant really roll this one. You need to whack it. I use a lacrosse ball for it. Place it on your heel cord and whack the heelcord by slamming ur hand on the ball.

The tissue between ur heelcord and calves is probably really tight aswell. You need to whack this more than rolling aswell. Dont roll up and down but side to side. I prefer to go outwards. I useĀ  a lacrosse ball fpr this. Since its easy to handle and hard enough.

The calves itself you should keep using the foamroller and if possible incorporate a ball aswell to get angles that are hard to get just rolling. Stretching is fine but imo more a short imediate handle than a long term fix.

Next to this, movement! Makes sure you walk and run correctly!