How to get rid of a stiff lower back after a workout?

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Oct 8, 2014 4:18pm
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My back really become stiff after cardio and HIIT workouts. How can i prevent it?

09 Oct
10-15 minutes of different yoga stretches work like a charm!
07 Sep
I would suggest some simple back stretches before and after the workout and make sure you are wearing the appropriate shoes and are working out on a mat.
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Oct 8, 2014 4:22pm
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I would suggest buying a foam roller. They are 15 dollars on and roll out your back before and after runs.

08 Oct
I approve this advice!
10 Oct
As do i.... Love the roller!
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Oct 8, 2014 5:18pm
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Hi I have the same problem you do.  I use the horse at the gym. You hang over the front legs braced and go up into arch  a good 15 reps if you can.

08 Oct
Often low back pain like this can be from your legs actually. There is a yoga pose called the reverse pigeon (funny name). It stretches the muscle the goes from your lower back through the hip and down the back of the leg. It is pulling down on your back when it cools down this is causing the pain in the back. More core strength is the long term solution.
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Oct 9, 2014 2:44pm
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Yoga, cat cow, does wonders for my lower back.
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Sep 7, 2015 9:21pm
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I have a bulging disc, any recs on good, safe workouts?