Building up to a run now..

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Dec 21, 2014 8:42am
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I have been doing a 3.5k walk every night for a year now. This is not for weight loss, mainly for fitness, clearing the head and good sleep. It's now building up to a run. I don't have a runners body...I'm a classic gynoid. Question- can anyone run or suited to certain types of people? I'm interested in hearing from you with regard to technique and the benefits running has given you. Mary :)

25 Dec
Walking is a great way to clear the mind. Good job already on your walk. If it turns to run that will be better for the body but as good for the mind. Go for it. Run run run :-)
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Dec 21, 2014 9:14am
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Hi Mary...Running is as easy as you want to make it.
I were 40 when I started. ..I hated it at school but realised I were very overweight and unfit and needed to do something about it..
I found this great running plan..Couch to 5k on podcasts..Its designed  for people starting running and is a walk run plan and gets you to running 5k in 9 weeks..Just listen to the podcast and it instructs you when to run and walk.
Major drawback. may be become addicted to running..
I did the 5k in 9 weeks and couldn't get enough, so stepped up to 10k in the following 5 weeks. ...
20 weeks later after training hard 5 days a week I ran 40miles none stop on my own for Charity.
Im now 43 and run Ultra Marathons..ranging from 30mile to 100mile
1 tip I have learnt that I can give you is ..the human body is an amazing tool and can achieve and do more than we know...Never put a limit or goal on what you can achieve..always leave it open ended...and thats the fastest way to becoming awesome..
Good luck with the running.

Below is the link for the couch to 5k podcasts..

21 Dec
Wow Andy, what am inspiration you are:-) thankyou for sharing that. I will down load and get started.