I think I'm about to passed out

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Dec 24, 2014 8:15am
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So this pass week I've been using Workout Trainer, and I couldn't be more happier. I feel so excited that now I have a guide for me to had a healthy life, and also I feel motivated to lose my weight.

At first, it wasn't easy. My whole core was in pain for two days because of three days non stop intense cardio. I know it suppose to happen for someone that didnt use to working out in their daily life, so I'm holding on for a couple of days, and I immediately feel better.

Because of my hectic schedule, I got no time to do some fitness or cardio, but not for long, because a week later I finally can continue my fitness routine.

Then today, I do some mediate cardio. I don't know if I push too hard or what, but I felt really dizzy afterward, and my hands are shaking. I tried to lay down, but when I'm standing I feel it again. I dont know if this is suppose to happen. I wonder if its because my body isnt fit enough, but I feel really fine before.

So guys, if you happen to know and have the time to kindly tell me why is that happen to me, and please if you also have a solution for me, just in case if it happens to me again in the future.

24 Dec
Hi, are you hydrating your self? Add some dextrose powder(glucose) in water and sip during break or tansition. This sounds like dehydration try this ,if problem persist consult doctor. Also increase intensity gradually.
24 Dec
Ill say hydration aswell but also make sure you eat an hour of so before cardio.. you need energy to burn stored energy