Calf pull/tear. Please help...

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Mar 4, 2015 7:00pm
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Hey all. I'm new to this. Trying to build myself up from scratch as I have disc bulge and sciatica. Advised to get myself strong by my physio. Only 4 wks in and done something to my right calf running. Couldn't walk on it for days. 2wks later still hobbling on it!! Hurts to bruising tho. Totally gutted as I feel I've gone back 10 steps!!! Not done a thing for 2wks and eating like shit again!!! Anyone ever had this injury before?? Would really appreciate some advice. Thank u xx

04 Mar
Would highly recommend getting an MRI on it just so you know the extent of the damage that could possibly be present.
04 Mar
I had a calf strain. Look up the symptoms of that and see if they fit? Either way you should go to a doctor and get it looked at
05 Mar
I went to Dr. He said it is calf strain and to rest. But it doesn't seem to get any better and reading the Internet is like whoooaaaaaa........dvt!!! Didn't really wanna read on after that!!!! Wow....Mri scan???? Holy shit.....really???? They take weeks for appt to come thru