Got lots of injuries from MMA and Working out

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Jun 1, 2015 10:42pm

I been working out now for some time..

I started doing powerlifting last year and had to stop after the pain in my shoulders got unbearable.

I feel my rotator cuffs are weak, and there's always a pain in my shoulders when I stretch my arms.

Needless to say I had to stop doing power lifting which involved shoulder exercises.

This also takes some power and mobility away from my hooks and uppercuts when I do sparring, as well I have to be careful I do wrestling because my shoulders cant bear too much pressure.

It feels like I'm sliding on this ice.

My right foot also has been injured from a kick that I did 8 months ago.. I'm sure I pulled a ligament, however I didn't tear it completely because I managed to train with the injury and pull through.

It's just when I have to train intensely I know that if I take my workout to the next level something is gonna pop.

I've been doing self-acupuncture for the last 4 months.. it helped a tiny bit but not enough

I also got a thai massage when I went to thailand, which can be considered a sports massage over here which helped me more then anything else.

Besides that earlier in my life I went to see a bunch of physiotherapists and injury relief supposed PROS... and all they really did is combine stretching with massaging and with a bit of resistance training.

I mean.... is that all these people got?

I'm extremely flexible and I know almost every exercise there is.. maybe if it isn't helping me when I'm doing it solo.. then it won't help me when I pay somebody 80$? Just a thought...

I know that healing is a big industry, and it kinda pisses me off how everybody tries to make money off you, regardless if you need it or not

1) Acupuncture

2) Massage

3) Physiotherapy (What exactly do they do there which I can't do myself???)

Please don't tell me to go see the doctor... I tried that, it doesn't seem like they can offer anything better then an x-ray & painkillers.

And I'm not taking pain killers, that only suppresses the problem

On top of that I need to keep training to maintain my strength and skills.. I dont want to take a break

What other options are there for me?

Are there any alternatives out there

Steroids to speed recovery? if so what kind? I know lots of MMA guys including “Anderson Silva” used it.

Perhaps other types of injections to strengthen ligaments? Surgery?



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